The Private Investor Toolbox

ClosingBench is a cost effective CRM and deal-tracking toolbox for the private investment industry focused on Business Angels, Venture Capital Funds and smaller Private Equity Funds. You can manage every stage of your deals from your first interest to the company making an exit.

Your ClosingBench
Deal Completion as a Service

Track your targets. Manage your contacts. Complete the deal.
ClosingBench CRM comes with all features that are required to manage your private investments effectively.

The All-in-One CRM

Stop wasting time and start closing deals!

manage your contacts
Manage your contacts

ClosingBench lets you store all your contacts and accounts in one place where everyone in your team can access at any time. Keep a history of your deals and opportunities.

powerful dashboards
Powerful and interactive dashboards

Move beyond Excel, PowerPoint and static business reporting with intelligent and interactive dashboards.

inbuilt calendar
Built-in Calendar

ClosingBench comes with a powerful built-in calendar for you to manage your tasks, appointments and schedule meetings.

manage your portfolio
Manage your portfolio

View all your deals and opportunities in one place. Make them available to your entire team. You can also add tasks and follow-up reminders for each deal.

powerful dashboards
Outlook & Gmail Integration

Integrate your Outlook and Gmail account with ease and never miss any communication with your team.

inbuilt calendar
Deal Management

Track all deals in your company from start to finish with ClosingBench's powerful features. Take control of what's happening with accurate forecasts.

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